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Greetings. I’m Dr. Ron Jahner. I am a Naturopathic Health and Wellness Coach, a Diplomat and Instructor on the Faculty of the American College of Addiction and Compulsive Disorders, and a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness™. For over 30 years I’ve worked with people with chronic health and life challenges.

One of the common denominators I see in people with chronic illness is that their stress levels are high and often, that is part of why they get ill. Their extreme stress levels suppress immune function, healing tissue repair function, and more.

For many, the illness itself in not the only concern. The added stress of worrying about things like, how am I going to pay for all my treatment actually compounds the problem, particularly for those working with non traditional treatments, which insurance doesn’t always cover.

Whether or not you’re dealing with a chronic illness, I’ve had a lot of experience in helping people find new ways to handle the stress of financial issues. This is a vital element in my work because I’ve found that in order to get the body to heal and in order for those affected by chronic illness’s lives to normalize, you have to change the way they cope with stress and provide tools and techniques that they can use to handle stress because the way they’re currently handling the worry affects not only immune system and tissue repair function, it more often than not affects sleep. In fact, sleep problems are one of the mechanisms that actually make people sick.

So what can you do if this article is hitting close to home for you or someone you love?

When you’re worried all the time about how you’re going to pay your bills, one simple thing you can do is ask questions. When you ask questions, it allows your body to refocus on a solution instead of an answer. While this might sound counterintuitive, try it and see what happens.

When you notice you’re upset about financial issues:

  1. Step back
  2. Take a breath and feel your body
  3. Ask yourself these two questions:
    • What else is possible?
    • How can it get better than this?

Note that you’re not going to be looking for answers. You’re actually directing your non conscious awareness to start looking for an answer and really, it’s your noncognitive mind that allows you to access consciousness rather than unconsciousness.

When you step back, calm down and take a breath, and ask your body, you actually begin to create an environment where your body and your life can begin to work on solutions instead of worrying about disasters.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes [insert contact information].

I hope to meet you in person so we can talk more about ways you or your loved one can start to change the underlying stress that makes chronic illness that much harder to live with.

Dr. Ron Jahner

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